Current U.S. market

In the United States alone, there are millions of lost items that never make it back to their rightful owners. We're changing that. 

60+ million

Phones lost every year

46+ million 

Items left at hotels every year

10+ thousand

Items collected by each airline every month

12+ thousand

Laptops lost in airports every week


Items lost at each and every major sporting event

500+ million

Items lost in the U.S. alone

Global Stats

There's a strong need to help people find lost items, no matter where in the world they are.

And as the number of lost items increases, we can continue restoring faith in humanity by being a Lifesaver.


Average value of a single lost item
(excludes repurchase/replacement cost)


Average number of items lost, per person, each year


Percent of lost items that can be returned

10% - 20%

Percent of items rightfully
returned by TSA at LAX airport


Number of 'high-dollar' items TSA destroys annually, since they can't be rightfully returned


Number of laptops, phones, wallets, and tablets inventoried by TSA at LAX airport in one month

Sources: New York Times, Mozy by Dell, TSA

The need for Lifesaver

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    The number of valuable items per person continues to increase

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    Misplaced items are small, easily resold, and expensive to replace

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    Broad reach

    Tech is being adopted by older and younger generations, both of which are more prone to misplace items

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    The inability to replace, recover, or safeguard lost items and information is a top concern for everyone